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The Chapel need

The chapel at Camp Chetek has held thousands of services, involving tens of thousands of people, since it was built in 1945. Countless decisions for Christ have been made- lives changed for all eternity. While we praise God for how he has used this building for so many years, we recognize that it is at the end of its life. It no longer has sufficient capacity for our growing number of campers, and it has structural problems that make repair or expansion unfeasible. We have started planning and fundraising for a new Chapel/Gym to replace our current chapel. The new building will allow us year-round use of the building, as well as adding the usefulness of a gym to our camp resources.


We are in the process of raising $2.1 million dollars for the new Chapel/Gym. Our goal is to have $1.5 million of that raised by September 22nd 2020, and the full amount raised by the fall of 2021. Lord willing, we will then start work on the building next fall, and our tentative goal is to have occupancy of the main meeting area by 2021. Please pray for us as we go into this project, and please pray as well about what God would have you give. You can donate online via the button below, or send a check to camp marked “Chapel/Gym Fundraising.”

Fundraising Timeline

17 Aug

75th Anniversary: $1,000,000 raised

22 Sept

Interior Construction: $1,500,000 raised


Chapel/Gym ready to use.


Final goal: $2,100,000 raised

                      ****$2,100,000 is our best estimate at this time and is subject to change****

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Proposed Design

Proposed Design