Camp Information

AGES: Junior Camp is for any camper entering 3rd–7th grade. Teen Camp is for any camper entering 7th–12th grade or graduating in the current camper year.

Arrival: Registration is 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. on Monday. Reservations are not guaranteed after that time. Supper will be the first meal served.

Christian Conduct: Camp Chetek reserves the right to set standards of conduct and separation. Separate swim times are set for male and female campers. The camp reserves the right to set standards of conduct concerning dating-type relationships, dress standards, response to authority, etc. Campers who violate these standards may be subject to dismissal at the parents’ expense.

Communication: Camper use of the camp phone is prohibited. Calls needing to be placed in the event of an emergency may be directed through the camp office. Letters may be sent to Camp Chetek, P.O. Box 26, Chetek WI 54728. You can also use the “E-mail a Camper” link at Please mention the camp week and camper’s name on the envelope or in the subject line of the e-mail.

Departure: Camp ends on Saturday morning at 9 a.m. Breakfast will be the last meal served. Please be prompt in picking up campers.

Dress Standards: All clothing should be loose fitting. Skirts and shorts must come to the top of the knee. Shirts should cover the shoulders and midriff and have conservative necklines. All t-shirts should be in good taste and free of inappropriate graphics. Camp Chetek reserves the right to ask any camper to change attire deemed inappropriate.

Fee Information: The reservation fee is nonrefundable; however, it is transferable as a reservation fee for another camper in the same week. In the event a camper leaves camp due to an emergency or illness, a prorated refund may be given. No refunds will be given for late arrival, early dismissal or expulsion.

Health and Safety: A camp nurse will be on duty at all times. All doctor-prescribed medication must be checked in to the nurse upon registration and must be in its original labeled container. All over-the-counter medications (provided by the camp) as well as the camper’s prescription medication will be dispensed by the camp nurse following doctor’s orders. We request that campers with contagious conditions or diseases not attend camp.

Lost Items: Lost items not requested within 7 days will be disposed of. All requested items will be shipped COD.

Note to Parents: We ask that parents not visit or call their campers during the week. This will help alleviate home- sickness. Campers are expected to stay the entire week of camp except in case of sickness or emergency at home. In such cases please contact the camp office. Upon arrival at camp, please check in at the camp office and complete a “Camper Release Form.”

What to Bring: Bible, bedding, towels and toiletries, sports clothes for activities, junk clothes to ruin, tennis shoes, one-piece swimsuit, jacket, flashlight, notebook, pen and spending money for the camp stores. (Suggested amount for juniors is $25–$35, teens $50–$75)

What Not to Bring: Food (State Law prohibits food in our cabins), cell phones, all electronic and media devices, magazines, alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, non-prescription medications, pets, fireworks and weapons of any kind.