Inner City Outreach

All year long, Camp Chetek makes great efforts to raise support for underprivileged, junior age children to come to camp for free! All the effort pays off when we see the busses roll into camp from Minneapolis and St. Paul. Counselors then begin to express Christian love for these campers, some of whom have seldom seen love in action. Throughout the week, we see God transform their hearts from tough, on-the-street mentalities to hearts drawn by Christ’s love and broken over their sin. With a usual number of 40-50 children saved during this one week, it is an encouraging way to begin the summer! 


Give A Memorial Gift

Give a memorial gift in remembrance of someone who has passed away. You can let us know if there is any special project at Camp Chetek you would like to see it go towards. Camp Chetek is a 501(c)3, any gifts given are tax-deductible.


Chapel/Gym Project

We are in the process of raising $2.1 million dollars for the new Chapel/Gym. Our goal is to have $1 million of that raised by June 1st, and the full amount raised by the fall of 2020. Lord willing, we will then start work on the building next fall, and our tentative goal is to have occupancy of the main meeting area before the summer of 2020, and we would continue to finish other parts on into the fall of 2020. Please pray for us as we go into this project, and please pray as well about what God would have you give. You can donate online via the button below, or send a check to camp marked “Chapel/Gym Fundraising.”


Support Camp Chetek

Camp Chetek, which is a 501(c)3, has served as a beacon of light for 5-18 year olds for more than seventy years. Through our various programs, such as TEAM, camper weeks, and seasonal retreats, campers are able to escape the routine of everyday life to gain a right relationship with God. We strive to fulfill our purpose statement through reaching the campers and camp staff in the most effective environment, schedule, and leadership. You can help use fulfill our purpose with your support.

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